C J Eventing


While some syndicates demand astronomical monthly fees, my affordable scheme promises people the chance to own part of an exciting new event prospect — without the high risk, cost or responsibility of being a sole owner.

Each horse will be divided up into different shares, with flexible and varied options starting from an initial upfront fee of just £1000 followed by a set monthly maintenance cost and no hidden extras.

With such affordable prices, it’s a long shot to expect a CJ syndicate horse to win Badminton, but what I can promise is an exciting journey with plenty of rewarding and sociable opportunities to join me at training sessions and fun-filled affiliated events with a share of the prize money proportional to your share of the horse.

While I hope every horse will progress through the levels to become a top class event prospect, my syndicate members join for the journey, not for financial gain. The horses come first and are brought on in their own time in a relaxed atmosphere. Members will, however, be involved and included in key decisions, future plans and aims — and a lot of social activities!

With the yard opening in March, I’m currently looking to buy in new horses for syndication with an exciting chance for members to be involved right from the very beginning.

If you are interested in joining a syndicate and would like more details of share options and monthly costs, please call me for a chat.